Our Newsletter: The Neighbourly!

Come join our learning community!  This is our space to learn together and share our stories.

Every month, CRIHI will be engaging with Edmonton communities via our newsletter, the Neighbourly!  This is to be a forum for all of us to learn together what is happening around the city on the topics of home and neighbourhood-building.   We are also looking to hear and to share your stories.  So tell us what inspires you.  Share your wisdom with us.  Help us shine the spotlight on new places being built to provide real help, home and community for our neighbours.

Join us in the work of inspiring a heart of hospitality and compassion across the city, so that we can all be more open and neighbourly to those just need a safe place to call home.

See issues of The Neighbourly – our newsletter at the links below:

The Neighbourly – March 2019

The Neighbourly – February, 2019

The Neighbourly – January 2019

The Neighbourly – December 2018

The Neighbourly – November 2018

The Neighbourly – October 2018

The Neighbourly – September 2018

The Neighbourly – June 2018

The Neighbourly – May 2018

The Neighbourly – April 2018

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