Learning Experiences

Experience is a great teacher.  A new experience can challenge our thinking in ways that not much else can.  Here are a few great opportunities available here in Edmonton.  If you learn of more, please let us know so we can share them too!

DemoCrew (ages 13 yrs+) DemoCrew is a four-five day program that immerses students in the inner-city ministry of The Mustard Seed in Calgary and Edmonton. Through serving meals, participating in workshops and interacting with guests and residents, students are exposed to the issues surrounding homelessness, poverty and addictions. These experiences challenge and expand students’ worldviews and prepare students to engage with God’s calling for social justice in their own communities.  http://theseed.ca/take-action/democrew/

The Social Issues Walk (ages 13 yrs+) is a walk approximately 3 hours long through the McCauley, Boyle and Downtown areas.  During the walk, we learn about the people, places, and issues that influence Edmonton’s urban core.  We explore some of the reasons behind why people are poor and why they come to the inner-city, stopping at key areas of interest including homeless shelters, the former site of tent city, and the new arena district.  The walk is co-led by a Mustard Seed staff member and a member of the community (if possible).  To schedule, call the Mustard Seed at: 780-426-5600

poverty sim

A Poverty Simulation is a unique and powerful experience which challenges perceptions, changes perspectives and strengthens understanding and empathy.  Participants experience a full range of encounters, obstacles and challenges, while trained volunteers populate the simulation as business owners, teachers, police officers, agency workers, service providers and government employees.  The simulation replicates a month in the life of a family living in poverty. The ultimate mission of each of these families is to provide food, shelter and other basic needs with a limited income.  Sign up to participate at an upcoming event – http://myunitedway.ca/poverty-simulation/

City Hall School

City Hall School is one of the Inquiring Minds sites in Edmonton. It is a week long, inquiry based, hands on learning experience for Grade 1 – 12 students. Students gain an understanding of municipal government through simulated City Council sessions, a visit to the Mayor’s office and by working with Councillors, social workers, Edmonton Police Service, historians and other City employees. Citizenship, the environment and social responsibility are topics which are an integral part of City Hall School.


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