Contact Numbers and Service Providers

Whether this is for you, someone you know, or a neighbour battling in the cold; here are key resources to help you respond.

We offer five resources on this page:

  1. Emergency Numbers to help you respond.
  2. Continuing Care access hotline; in search of supportive housing.
  3. WER Guide January 13, 2020 – a detailed list of crisis centres, service providers and contact information.
  4. Access points for Housing First.
  5. Contact information for Five Housing Providers

ONE:  Emergency Numbers to help you respond.


TWO: Continuing Care Access Hotline; to qualify and be matched with appropriate supportive housing

There are numerous facilities of all kinds around Edmonton that provide a range of supports and supportive living arrangements to meet a wide range of needs.

The first step in accessing these helps is to call the Continuing Care Access Hotline: 780.496.1300

Alberta Health Services oversees both assessment and placement.  People are assessed and are connected with facilities that have the proper resources to address their needs

THREE: The Winter Emergency Response Guide for 2016/2017 – detailed information on different frontline service providers:

Winter Emergency response Guide 2018/1019  

The WER guide explains what services are provided, hours of operation, contact information, etc.  These places provide everything from simple shelter from the cold or a safe place to sleep, to helps with identification, doing taxes and finding housing.

FOUR: If you are looking to access Housing First resources, here is what to expect, and some of the main access points:


All it takes is one application at a screening site of your choice.  Here’s what to expect when you contact Coordinated Access:

Step 1: Screening

The team asks basic eligibility questions, such as how long you have been experiencing homelessness. The screening for Housing First may be completed at this time, or a separate appointment will be made. If you have not been experiencing homelessness for an extended period of time, you will receive information about alternative resources.

The Coordinated Access team uses a simple screening tool to quickly identify your needs and then connect you to housing and services.

Step 2: Connection to Housing First

Once you are connected to a Housing First program, you will receive:

  1. Intake with the Housing First team.
  2. Opportunity to view potential suites that meet your needs with the help of your worker.
  3. Once you have found your home, you will be able to sign a lease.
  4.  Move in assistance and household set up.
  5. Regular home visits as well as assistance in connecting to community-based services.

Where do I go?  If you are experiencing homelessness and would like to speak with a worker about how to access housing help, please call or visit one of the agencies listed here.

Coordinated Access Screening Sites for Housing First

Bent Arrow: 11648 – 85 St; 2nd Tuesday of each month

Bissell Centre: 10527 – 96 St, Mon-Fri 7 am – 3 pm

Stanley A Milner Library: Tue 1 – 3 pm

The Neighbour Centre: 7221 – 104 St, Mon 2 – 4 pm

Boyle Street Community Services: 10116 – 105 Ave; Drop in Monday 1 – 3 pm

E4C: 9321 Jasper Ave; Drop in or call 780-424-7543

George Spady: #100, 10507 – 81 Ave; Mon-Fri 9 am – 2 pm, 587-523-1530 ext 11

Homeward Trust: 780-702-5267;

Hope Mission: 780-422-2018 ext 237

Jasper Place Wellness Centre: 15210 Stony Plain Rd; Mon-Thu 9 – 11 am

YMCA Homeward Bound Program: 10211 – 105 St; Drop in Tuesday 1 – 4 pm

FIVE:  Contact information for Five Housing Providers


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