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Don’t stay silent.  Participate in neighbourhood housing conversations

Increasingly, when a developer seeks to build low income housing developments they run into local opposition. A relatively small group of vocal residents often dominates the neighbourhood conversation, turning the community against these projects.

Too often, other local neighbours and people of faith are unaware of what is happening and miss out on these conversations.  As well, many voices can go unheard.

So consider getting involved. Talk to your community league leadership. Learn the facts about low-income housing and join housing conversations in your neighbourhood. Advocate for a healthy and informed conversation where every voice can be heard, and where wise decisions are made.  Then try to be a patient and steady voice at the table. Along the way, be sure to remind your neighbours of the importance of inclusion, compassion and hospitality.

If the conversation goes to City Council or to a Development Appeal board, stand up and share your perspective.

But don’t be naive!

These conversations can be very difficult.  Even if the community has a good way of working together, the developer may not have a good process, a good plan for running the facility, or even for building it.  So ask the good questions.  Be patient with the process, and try to work constructively with both your neighbours and the developer towards the best and wisest result.

For a start in researching the facts around low income housing, look up, and explore our website for other resources that will help you get informed.


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