For Community Leagues

Tough housing conversation on the horizon in your neighbourhood?  Let CRIHI help your league plan and facilitate it.  Free of charge.

Finding a good way to talk through a tough topic can be a tricky business.  When a conversation is healthy and respectful, we all win!  If it’s unhealthy, we all lose!  Here’s a community conversation toolkit CRIHI developed to help neighbours find ways to do it well.

CRIHI Community Conversation Toolkit
Conversation toolkit

If you have new affordable or supportive housing coming to your community and you’d like to be able to sit down and discuss it as a neighbourhood (without the City or Developers in attendance), we are willing to help you do that free of charge.

We will help you plan and facilitate the event, using our toolkit.  Providing:

  1. Counsel on engaging the broader community.
  2. Assistance choosing a healthy format that suits your needs.
  3. Help gathering and presenting information that you would like to bring to the table.
  4. Our Housing Ambassador as a facilitator for the conversation itself.
  5. A written follow-up report of the event if appropriate.  Report will highlight what we heard from each other, and the next steps we agreed to.

Our Interfaith Network Animator, Mike Van Boom, has five years of community league experience, and has been trained as a facilitator by ICA Canada.

If interested, please email us at:

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