Faith-based Ministries in Action

Faith Communities are doing some pretty amazing work here in Edmonton.  Here are some of the stories we have heard so far.  We tell them to you in the hopes that they may inspire you and your community, and stir your imagination with new ideas.

In these stories, we aim to share:  What they do…  how they got there…  and the heart that inspires them…  that you may be inspired yourself to join in the work.  And of course, if you have a story that needs telling, please send it our way!

Ministry Profiles and Action Stories!

Ministry Profile: Millbourne Community Life Centre

Work with their partners to provide programming for community youth, wecan food baskets, sports camps, pre-natal classes, conversational cafes to help people learn english, a refugee medical clinic, long distance seminary courses in Cantonese, and much more!

Brander Gardens ROCKS!

Riverbend United Church was there at the start to help launch and support this community outreach to low-income families in the Riverbend Community.  This collaboration of neighbourhood partners offers after school programs, a music school, community gardens, community meals, Mom and Tot programs, summer activities including camping, academic programs and adult enrichment, tax time help, English language help and local volunteer opportunities.

Ministry Profile: Islamic Family and Social Services Association

Here in Edmonton, numerous Islamic communities work together to respond to the needs experienced within the Muslim community and beyond.  They help meet essential needs like food and clothing, help people retain their housing and counsel them financially, and promote healthy families, including those grappling with family violence.  They also partner with Catholic Social Services and Mennonite Centre for Newcomers in helping people integrate to Canada.  Next up: joining the push to address the shortage of large family housing in our city!

Creating Community for People in Prison

“A team of women (and even a few men) from Beulah Alliance Church and West Edmonton Christian Assembly go to visit with women in a prison on the west end… They eat together, pray together, share stories, and learn about the Christian Faith.   As women are released, the team tries to find ways to offer supportive community to help women transition back into the community.”

Ministry Profile:  St. Patrick’s Anglican Church

“They partner with Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers  to help newcomers to Canada, with an intentional focus to help seniors.  They host literacy classes, ESL studies, a cultural literacy program, field trips and special speakers.  They also host job fairs; two employers at a time to help local people find work.  …and of course prayers and food are also part of what they do!”

The Westmount Presbyterian Story

“Recognizing the need for affordable housing options, especially for large families, Westmount Presbyterian partnered to redevelop their land and church facility to make room for sixteen units of affordable housing in a town-house setting.”  It’s even Net-zero…  And they did a fantastic job talking with the community too!


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