Help Spread the Word!

If we want a wise, well-constructed, and well-resourced long-term plan to address housing and homelessness challenges in Alberta, we need to stand up strong and ask for it! Are you able to help us do that? GREAT!

We’ve put together a series of resources to help you get the word out in your community!

  1. A simple newsletter or bulletin text: (Edmonton example in brackets)

Alberta cares about helping people find safe and affordable homes. But today, we are seeing a surge of people out on the street or struggling to pay rent or buy groceries. A series of rallies are taking place across the Province in support of a solid, long-term plan to address these issues. In ______________(community name), we are gathering at ________________(Location) on ______________ (date). Connect with your local rally team at ____________ (Ph# or Email). To sign the petition or to learn how you can join the effort, please visit #AlbertaCares2023

2. The link to the Province-wide petition is here:

3. Here are registration links for the local ralies:


Event registration for other local events will be posted on our local rally page here.

4. The Letter from Interfaith Housing is below.

5. We have two posters you can use. Print off as many as you like, and ask to post them in your local community centres, schools, or your faith community.

Province-wide poster:

Calgary flyer:

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