What Kinds of Housing Help are Needed?

Housing is a core need for all of us, but many Edmontonians struggle to afford or retain a stable and safe place they can call home.  Meeting the unique needs of neighbours who face a variety of challenges requires a diverse range of helps and solutions.  

housing-spectrum-chart-3The graphic above illustrates the Housing Spectrum.  Within the broad category of Affordable Housing there are four different types:

1. Supportive Housing is rental housing that provides staffed, on-site support services for tenants. These supports can include building security or mental health services. Examples of Supportive Housing include seniors’ lodges, assisted living and enhanced living facilities.  Examples:

Grand Manor (Excel Society)  http://wp.me/p20ewB-rZ

Ottewell Manor (GEF)   http://wp.me/p20ewB-iQ

Hope Terrace (supportive living for people with FASD)

2. Supported Housing is rental housing that provides support services which are mobile and accessed from off-site, i.e. they are not based within the housing itself. These supports can include personal aids, housekeeping and social activities. Examples of Supported Housing include seniors’ self-contained apartments and Housing First units.

Example:  Housing First! (overseen by Homeward Trust)  http://wp.me/p20ewB-we

3. Social Housing is rental housing provided on a rent-geared-to-income basis where households pay no more than 30% of their gross income on rental costs. Support services are not provided on-site. Examples of Social Housing include community housing projects managed by Capital Region Housing Corporation and Metis Urban Housing Corporation.

Example:  Metis Urban/Capital Housing.  http://wp.me/p20ewB-xE

4. Independent-Living Affordable Housing is rental or ownership housing which has rents or payments below average market cost. Support services are not provided on-site. Examples of Independent-Living Affordable Housing include housing built under the City’s Cornerstones programs and Habitat for Humanity housing.

Example: First Place Housing Program.  http://wp.me/p20ewB-B1

This summary presentation is from the City of Edmonton’s website: nonmarkethousing.ca


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