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What can I do?

“We get it!”  Housing is not affordable for so many people!  Rents are high; times are hard; money is tight; and supports are few.   It is a struggle for our seniors, our young families, for people battling addictions or mental illnesses, and our young people …but we don’t have a lot extra ourselves.  How can we help make things better?

It’s always the number one question we hear?  What can I do?  How can I make a difference in helping our community create better options for our most vulnerable people?  On this site, we’ll do our best to highlight particular initiatives and opportunities to help out and make a difference.  So please tune in with us to hear more.

But here is the link to the resource we’ve put together to help answer the big question.  This is the full-meal-deal answer with numerous ideas for how people from faith communities (or just concerned Edmonton neighbours) can get involved.  Come join us in the work.  We can totally do this!

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