Loving Neighbours in the Crisis of Covid-19

As the whole world grapples with new realities forced on us by the Coronavirus, a growing movement of people in every country are intentionally exploring how we can love each other in the face of this crisis.  This question is of course front and centre for all of us who are people of faith. WhenContinue reading “Loving Neighbours in the Crisis of Covid-19”

Working in my Community, Part Two

So you’re interested in working in your community…  As you begin, consider the following insights from those involved in community development work. Before you dig into this session, please ensure you have read part one in this series: Working In My Community; Part One Part Two Focus: Let’s find our way forward carefully, and make sure weContinue reading “Working in my Community, Part Two”

Working In My Community; Part One

So you’re interested in working in your community…    As you begin, consider the following insights from those involved in community development work. Look before you leap!  What do you see? “Imagine that my neighbours only saw me by the the empty half of my glass.  He’s the old guy with heart problems…   How wouldContinue reading “Working In My Community; Part One”

A Call to Prayer

What follows is a Christian prayer, but we invite you to speak the words and make it your own. Father God, We come to you to seek your wisdom and guidance for the work ahead. We are thankful that Edmonton is a wonderful city, known for its’ warmth and compassion, despite a cold and sometimes hostileContinue reading “A Call to Prayer”

Faith-Based Collaboration Highlight: Jasper Place Wellness Centre

Here’s how this story started:  Recognizing growing needs and struggles experienced by their neighbours in West Edmonton, several Christian churches (large and small) met together with the City of Edmonton to consider what they might collectively do to help out. From that first meeting, West Edmonton Interfaith coalition formed, starting in 2005; gearing up to address social issues locally. The coalition met with Murray Soroka,Continue reading “Faith-Based Collaboration Highlight: Jasper Place Wellness Centre”

Ministry Profile: Islamic Family and Social Services Association

Here in Edmonton, numerous Islamic communities work together to respond to the needs experienced within the Muslim community and beyond.  How do they do that?  IFSSA! As with so many non-profit ventures, it all started when a few members of a community got together to help meet a need.  At the beginning that need becameContinue reading “Ministry Profile: Islamic Family and Social Services Association”

Serving Edmonton’s Immigrant Communities

Edmonton is increasingly becoming a destination city for immigrants entering Canada. In 2011, 20.5% of the population in Edmonton were immigrants. Based off a recently published report by Statistics Canada, that number is estimated to rise to 31.7% by 2036. As a result, efficient and effective integration of incoming immigrants and refugees is a crucialContinue reading “Serving Edmonton’s Immigrant Communities”

Ministry Profile: Millbourne Community Life Centre

Many faith communities wonder how they might go deeper in relationship, and in helping address needs in their local neighbourhood.  Often they will have their own building, and wonder what might be possible if they could just open their doors a little wider. MIllbourne Community Life Centre, supported by the South Edmonton Alliance Church provides some greatContinue reading “Ministry Profile: Millbourne Community Life Centre”

Creating Community for People in Prison

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…  I was in prison and you came to visit me … I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”   – Jesus  (Matthew 25:36, 40) Reflection When Jesus identifies himself with theContinue reading “Creating Community for People in Prison”

A Catholic Reflection: Spiritual Grounding in Bridging Societal Divides

Article first published in the Western Catholic Reporter on September 16, 2013 by BOB MCKEON Last month I attended an afternoon meeting at the Marian Centre in inner city Edmonton. At the end of the meeting, I was invited to join with the Marian Centre staff for the 5:15 pm Mass at St. Benedict’s ChapelContinue reading “A Catholic Reflection: Spiritual Grounding in Bridging Societal Divides”