Finding Free Tax Help in Covid-19

Having your taxes up to date is incredibly important in order to access a host of benefits and governmental helps.  This is especially true for Seniors and low-income people and families. Providing help on this front has proven quite challenging and many faith-based institutions have had to cancel their free tax clinics this year, butContinue reading “Finding Free Tax Help in Covid-19”

Rent Assistance and New Funding for Affordable Housing Scaled back in Provincial Budget 2019

In 2018, CRIHI identified four priorities that we continue to believe are critical to stabilizing people and families in safe and affordable homes; crucial to the success of efforts to combat poverty in Edmonton. The Portable Housing Benefit (Rent assistance tied to a household) Permanent Supportive Housing Mobile Support Workers A Vision for the WayContinue reading “Rent Assistance and New Funding for Affordable Housing Scaled back in Provincial Budget 2019”

In this case, the real solutions are cheaper! The financial case for Permanent Supportive Housing

When the real fixes are cheaper than bandaid solutions, why would we choose to stick with bandaids? Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizen is her homelesss neighbour.  These (our brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, sons and daughters lost to the street) must journey daily from soup kitchen to drop-in to emergency shelter with long walks all dayContinue reading “In this case, the real solutions are cheaper! The financial case for Permanent Supportive Housing”

Edmonton considering a 16% Affordable Housing Target in every neighbourhood

On Monday afternoon, August 13, 2018, city staff will be presenting an affordable housing framework to City Council Executive.  The need for such a framework is driven by the reality of a steep rise in housing cost in many Canadian cities since the turn of the millenium, and numbers from Statistics Canada that tell us almostContinue reading “Edmonton considering a 16% Affordable Housing Target in every neighbourhood”

How the Dutch do Affordable Housing

“The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and has a very expensive housing market.  And yet, it also provides one of the best examples in Europe of quality, well-integrated affordable housing. What can Canada learn from their example?” The Dutch have been at this a long time.  Initial efforts toContinue reading “How the Dutch do Affordable Housing”

Efforts to Aid Heavy users of Service Paying Off!

The following research highlights are from the 2017 report entitled: HEAVY USERS OF SERVICE SOCIAL RETURN ON INVESTMENT (SROI) ANALYSIS The Heavy Users of Services (HUoS) project was launched in 2013 as a partnership consisting of 16 groups including health and social service providers, first responders, justice services, Indigenous-focused organizations, and government representatives. The initiativeContinue reading “Efforts to Aid Heavy users of Service Paying Off!”

PSH Feature: Hope Terrace

Hope Terrace is Supportive Living for people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) FASD is a brain injury that can occur when an unborn baby is exposed to alcohol.  It’s a lifelong disorder with effects that include physical, mental, behavioural and learning disabilities. These can vary from mild to severe. (Source:; FASD) According to AshleyContinue reading “PSH Feature: Hope Terrace”

Unpacking the National Housing Strategy; Money and Metrics

Targets and Metrics 530,000 families removed from housing need 300,000 existing housing units repaired and renewed 385,000 households protected from losing an affordable home 100,000 new housing units (60,000 from Co-Investment Fund) 7,000 shelter spaces created or repaired 50,000 households benefit from an expansion of community housing eligibility 300,000 households to receive direct housing subsidyContinue reading “Unpacking the National Housing Strategy; Money and Metrics”

PSH Feature: Westwood Manor

Innovative Efforts Helping People Heal Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is a frontline concern in our city; with close to one thousand new units desperately needed.  Political backing and funding are lining up at all three levels of government to fill this critical gap in our response to prevent and end homelessness.  These facilities are meaningfulContinue reading “PSH Feature: Westwood Manor”

Housing as a Human Right?

For the first time on November 22, 2017 the Government of Canada formally began speaking about housing as a human right.  While this has been recognized by the international community for some time, this marked an important recognition of the obligation we have as a country to ensure everyone has a safe and decent place toContinue reading “Housing as a Human Right?”