May Action Highlight: Storytelling!

In all of CRIHI’s publications and resources, we tell stories.  Stories give us new ideas and inspiration.  They help us see what’s possible.  And some of the best stories we have told are those of faith communities in action. If you tune in to the Neighbourly, or have explored our website you have almost certainlyContinue reading “May Action Highlight: Storytelling!”

Learning from Good Consultation

Mayor Don Iveson called the Westmount development a ’10 out of 10!’ Not just for the quality of the affordable housing project, but for the work done engaging with the local community ahead of time. Come join with other developers, community leaders, and faith representatives as we learn from one of the brightest examples ofContinue reading “Learning from Good Consultation”

November Action Highlight: Host a Workshop

One key way we at the Interfaith Housing Initiative engage is by hosting workshops.  What we do at these workshops will depend on what kinds of questions or needs are coming forward. Here are a few sample questions that our workshops could help explore answers to: What is being done across the city to help low-incomeContinue reading “November Action Highlight: Host a Workshop”

See Inside: Metis Urban/Capital Housing

Not-for-Profit Social Housing providers like Metis Urban/Capital Housing play a crucial part in the work of providing home and help to populations in extreme poverty. Description and brief history Metis Urban Housing Corporation (MUHC) was formed thirty-five years ago to manage a subsidized housing program targeted to aid low-moderate income aboriginal families. Individuals and families wereContinue reading “See Inside: Metis Urban/Capital Housing”

Building for a Healthy Conversation

For those of us trying to plan community meetings where we can discuss complex subjects, we regularly find ourselves scratching our heads at how to best do this. Great conversations don’t usually just happen on their own.  Anyone who has tried to talk through something of significance will likely also be able to share with you a time aContinue reading “Building for a Healthy Conversation”