Interfaith Housing Plenary – Thursday, September 24, 2020

Due to Covid-19, this year’s gathering will be both in-person and via remote connection. For those of us attending in person, we will adhere to guidelines in social distancing. Come join us as we consider the work accomplished in the last year, and as we grapple together with looming challenges facing those struggling to affordContinue reading “Interfaith Housing Plenary – Thursday, September 24, 2020”

Support our work together – Interfaith Housing Initiative

The 2020-2021 fiscal year has proven very challenging for the Interfaith Housing Initiative.  Like so many of our partners and many faith communities, we are facing funding shortages in this season that threaten our continuing work together. For the last five years, we have appreciated the support of a circle of funders that included contributionsContinue reading “Support our work together – Interfaith Housing Initiative”

Finding Free Tax Help in Covid-19

Having your taxes up to date is incredibly important in order to access a host of benefits and governmental helps.  This is especially true for Seniors and low-income people and families. Providing help on this front has proven quite challenging and many faith-based institutions have had to cancel their free tax clinics this year, butContinue reading “Finding Free Tax Help in Covid-19”

Loving Neighbours in the Crisis of Covid-19

As the whole world grapples with new realities forced on us by the Coronavirus, a growing movement of people in every country are intentionally exploring how we can love each other in the face of this crisis.  This question is of course front and centre for all of us who are people of faith. WhenContinue reading “Loving Neighbours in the Crisis of Covid-19”

Interfaith Habitat Works Project 2020 – Cancelled for Covid 19

Hello everyone.  Unfortunately we have to cancel this year’s Interfaith Habitat Works Project.  Habitat for Humanity has had to make some tough decisions around volunteering and how they can do that moving forward. Please let’s keep each other in prayer as we find our way through this difficult time.  We look forward to continuing thisContinue reading “Interfaith Habitat Works Project 2020 – Cancelled for Covid 19”

Understanding Harm Reduction and Abstinence – Learnings from our public conversation

On November 19, 2019 Edmonton’s Interfaith Housing Initiative hosted a public conversation on harm reduction and abstinence at Beth Israel Synagogue on Edmonton’s west side. Our shared goal was to come to a shared understanding of how harm reduction and abstinence approaches work to support a person with an addiction on their road to recovery.Continue reading “Understanding Harm Reduction and Abstinence – Learnings from our public conversation”

TogetherWise – a Trust Based Approach to Consultation

Interfaith Housing is proud to present: TogetherWise; A trust-based approach to healthy community consultations around affordable and supportive housing. Beginning in January of 2019, Interfaith Housing embarked on a resource design project intended to support quality consultations in local communities around affordable and supportive housing builds.  CRIHI gathered a team of community leaders, faith leaders andContinue reading “TogetherWise – a Trust Based Approach to Consultation”

Rent Assistance and New Funding for Affordable Housing Scaled back in Provincial Budget 2019

In 2018, CRIHI identified four priorities that we continue to believe are critical to stabilizing people and families in safe and affordable homes; crucial to the success of efforts to combat poverty in Edmonton. The Portable Housing Benefit (Rent assistance tied to a household) Permanent Supportive Housing Mobile Support Workers A Vision for the WayContinue reading “Rent Assistance and New Funding for Affordable Housing Scaled back in Provincial Budget 2019”

In this case, the real solutions are cheaper! The financial case for Permanent Supportive Housing

When the real fixes are cheaper than bandaid solutions, why would we choose to stick with bandaids? Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizen is her homelesss neighbour.  These (our brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, sons and daughters lost to the street) must journey daily from soup kitchen to drop-in to emergency shelter with long walks all dayContinue reading “In this case, the real solutions are cheaper! The financial case for Permanent Supportive Housing”

Pathways to Recovery; Understanding Harm Reduction and Abstinence – November 19, 2019

Opioid and alcohol abuse impact every community, with people losing years of their lives to powerful addictions; or losing loved ones to dark places and even to death.  Finding effective help and healing for those we love also matters to every community. CRIHI recognizes that access to a safe and stable place to live isContinue reading “Pathways to Recovery; Understanding Harm Reduction and Abstinence – November 19, 2019”