Our Steering Committee

Interfaith Housing’s lead decision making body is a steering committee made up of people of faith from different traditions.  Here is the list of those who currently serve in the oversight and coordination of our work together:

  • Lucy Kaakyo, Office of the Lay Apostolate, Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton
  • Sophia Yaqub, A member of the Muslim Community and Executive Director of the Shaama Centre.
  • Major Al Hoeft,  Divisional Secretary for Public Relations, Salvation Army
  • Marshall Hundert, A member of the Jewish Community at Temple Beth Ora, and the owner and operator of Norwood Village, a mixed-market affordable housing complex.
  • Rev. Audrey Brooks, Unitarian Chaplain at the University of Alberta
  • Rev. Kathie Schmitke, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
  • Jeannette Wright, Community Development Social worker with the City of Edmonton, Housing and Homeless
  • Jas Panesar, a member of Edmonton’s Sikh community
  • Marisa Redmond, Senior Director of Housing, E4C
  •  The Very Rev. Alexandra Meek, Dean at the Cathedral, Anglican Diocese of Edmonton
  • Rev. Mike Van Boom, Christian Reformed Church of North America, serving as the Interfaith Network Animator
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