The City and Province are working to end homelessness and extreme poverty?  That’s important to Faith communities too!

In March of 2011 a gathering of faith community members was held to explore the contributions that faith communities could make in realizing the goal of ending homelessness in Edmonton, in particular, the role faith communities could play in welcoming homeless persons into local communities and serving as advocates.  It is understood that faith communities are already making significant contributions to ending homelessness and have a desire to do much more.

There were voices of support for a faith leaders’ pastoral statement which was created and signed by 23 leaders of Edmonton’s faith organizations (Interfaith Statement on Homelessness & Affordable Housing). The statement endorsed Edmonton’s “10 Year Plan To End Homelessness” and served as a Call to Action for Edmonton’s religious and spiritual communities to work together to address the issues of homelessness and need for affordable housing in our community.

Since that initial meeting members of Edmonton’s religious and spiritual communities have been meeting regularly to turn our Interfaith Statement into action. The statement was re-signed in November 2014.

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Religious and spiritual communities working to end homelessness in Edmonton and area

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