Finding Free Tax Help in Covid-19

Having your taxes up to date is incredibly important in order to access a host of benefits and governmental helps.  This is especially true for Seniors and low-income people and families.

Providing help on this front has proven quite challenging and many faith-based institutions have had to cancel their free tax clinics this year, but some have found a way to carry this work forward navigating the Covid-19 restrictions.

During the Covid-19 crisis, Interfaith Housing Initiative has been working with a few partners who work to serve immigrants in drawing together a strong list of places you can go for help here in the Edmonton area.  You can read the list we’ve put together here:

Free Tax clinics in Covid – May 21, 2020

We found a pretty strong group of organizations who have found a way, and provide help to all kinds of folks; including newcomer families, peoples with disabilities, seniors, homeless neighbours.   Please share this list with anyone looking for this help.

We update this list weekly to keep it current!

Additional public resources:

For new updates to available resources in the Edmonton area, you can also phone 211.

The Government of Canada also provides some resources and instruction on how to do your taxes at the following link:  Filing Taxes



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