CRIHI Asks – Get involved!

Hello everyone.  CRIHI has some pretty interesting and exciting work underway, and we have several opportunities to get involved.   Take a look!

  1. We need new members to serve on our steering committee.  (Time requirement:  One meeting every other month; typically a daytime slot which works best for faith leaders and partners.)
    1. Oversees the larger direction of the movement.
    2. Supervises staff and committee work.
  2. From our Governance Committee:  (meets once every other month)
    1. We are seeking to grow our circle of funding in order to build and expand our LAN work to cover the entire capital region
      • Send us your volunteers familiar with grant-writing.
      • put us on your donations schedule; donations arranged through the Anglican Diocese.  Contact John Gee to inquire after process:
      • Help us arrange for additional staff.
  3. From our Education and Advocacy Committee:  (normally meets monthly)
    1. Join our learning community; the Neighbourly! Tell us your stories.  Share why your faith thinks this work is important.
    2. Join our working tables:
      • Zero-percent mortgages. (just beginning)
      • Reintegrating people coming out of prison (just beginning)
      • Learning how to get consultation right.  (Project underway
  4. Volunteer
    1. Interfaith Habitat Works project. (Advisory committee hosted by Habitat For Humanity)
    2. Welcome Home.
  5. Connect with us on Land opportunities.
    1. We can come present on affordable and supportive housing as a possible direction; along with some examples.
    2. We are able to serve as a broker for connections with formal partners and resources.

To learn more or to respond to any of these asks, please contact:

Mike Van Boom, CRIHI’s Interfaith Network Animator; 780.554.2703