Faith Leaders Work Day with Habitat for Humanity! – May 1, 2019

Calling all Rabbis, Imams, Pastors, Priests, and Gurus!  CRIHI invites you to take up hammers and paint brushes for our first ever… Faith Leaders Work Day! Wednesday, May 1, 2019; From 8:30 am – 4:00 pm at Carter Place With the help of thousands of volunteers from every skill level and background, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton hasContinue reading “Faith Leaders Work Day with Habitat for Humanity! – May 1, 2019”

Working in my Community, Part Two

So you’re interested in working in your community…  As you begin, consider the following insights from those involved in community development work. Before you dig into this session, please ensure you have read part one in this series: Working In My Community; Part One Part Two Focus: Let’s find our way forward carefully, and make sure weContinue reading “Working in my Community, Part Two”

Interfaith Habitat Works 2019!

From March 5 – June 5, CRIHI and her partners at Habitat for Humanity invite you to come join us as people of many faiths put boots on the ground together building homes for people.  There is still time and opportunity to get involved, so come join us! Ways you can get involved: Volunteer on aContinue reading “Interfaith Habitat Works 2019!”

Three Hebrew Words

Shalom Shalom is a rich word in the Hebrew scriptures. encompassing “universal flourishing, wholeness and delight,” according to Christian Theologian, Cornelius Plantinga Jr.   Shalom is often thought of as the desire of God for all his creation; characterizing both Eden in Genesis, and in the new creation in Revelation. Chata Contrasted with shalom, is the HebrewContinue reading “Three Hebrew Words”