May Action Highlight: Storytelling!

In all of CRIHI’s publications and resources, we tell stories.  Stories give us new ideas and inspiration.  They help us see what’s possible.  And some of the best stories we have told are those of faith communities in action.

If you tune in to the Neighbourly, or have explored our website you have almost certainly seen, heard and hopefully been inspired by what different faith groups are doing.

Stories of hospitality and compassion; of generosity and sacrifice; of food shared, homes built, programs run, and relationships forged.

Guess what?  We as faith communities have many more stories and ideas to share.  CRIHI continues to offer the use of our website and the Neighbourly to serve as a story hub for the Interfaith Community, and we hope you will take advantage of it!

Tell us what your church, temple, synagogue, mosque or gurdwara is doing, trying, and learning in your community.  Write it up yourself, or invite us to come and see.  We can do an interview, take a few pictures and write it up so that others can learn from what is happening in your community.  We will share your story in our monthly newsletter, the Neighbourly, and on our website and facebook.

And of course, if you’d like to read some of the stories we’ve already shared, we feature several of them on our website at the following link:

Nothing inspires or shapes people like a story.  Let us tell yours!

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