Interfaith Work and Pray Gathering at City Hall, March 27, 2018

Rev. Nick Trussell (Anglican) and Mike Van Boom (CRIHI Housing Ambassador) planned this event at the invitation of a group of five Moravian and Anglican churches journeying together over Holy Week.

Nick remarked on the fittingness of a gathering like this over Holy Week, saying, “just as Jesus lamented over Jerusalem in the days before His crucifixion, so we may lament over our city and the tragic living situation of many of its people. And just as His resurrection brings hope, so we can look forward with hope to better things to come.”

About thirty people from numerous different faith communities came to participate in this gathering, including representatives from Roman Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Quaker, Wesleyan, Moravian, the Salvation Army, Sai Baba Centre, United, Lutheran, Anglican, Evangelical, Reformed Church of America, and the Christian Reformed Church.

The event was organized around three reflections on the work being done to address homelessness, with an opportunity for people of faith to respond with prayers of thanksgiving, wisdom, courage and hope.

Pictured above: Three of the eight presentations and prayers offered in support of the work being done to address homelessness in Edmonton

CRIHI shared three reflections at the event, focusing in turn on the work past, present and future.  As Mike Van Boom explained: “These are designed to highlight all the work we are all doing together as a city; and not just the work of CRIHI or faith communities.  The emphasis is on the wide circle of partners working together including faith and community groups, service providers, and all levels of government. “

The three reflections will be shared in separate blog posts on CRIHI’s website.

See additional writeups of this event at:

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