What’s Your Wisdom on affordable Housing? – West Edmonton

The City of Edmonton is considering a guideline/target of 10% affordable housing in neighbourhoods all across our city.  What might that look like in your neighbourhood? What questions or concerns do you have? What ideas do you have? What do you think is a healthy response to new neighbours and new units of affordable housing? What’sContinue reading “What’s Your Wisdom on affordable Housing? – West Edmonton”

Faith-Based Collaboration Highlight: Jasper Place Wellness Centre

Here’s how this story started:  Recognizing growing needs and struggles experienced by their neighbours in West Edmonton, several Christian churches (large and small) met together with the City of Edmonton to consider what they might collectively do to help out. From that first meeting, West Edmonton Interfaith coalition formed, starting in 2005; gearing up to address social issues locally. The coalition met with Murray Soroka,Continue reading “Faith-Based Collaboration Highlight: Jasper Place Wellness Centre”

The Plan to End Homelessness: Unpacking the Second Goal of the New Update

They called it the ‘Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness.’  At the beginning, leaders in the city of Edmonton knew this was an unachievable goal, but they stuck with the title.  Why?  Because they believed it was better to aim for success than to begin by measuring our failure. Eight years in, much good work has beenContinue reading “The Plan to End Homelessness: Unpacking the Second Goal of the New Update”

CRIHI’s Presentation to City Council Executive, September 5, 2017

Greetings from the Capital Region Interfaith Housing Initiative.  It is a pleasure to be here with you in declaring our firm support for this recent update to Edmonton’s plan to end homelessness. The Interfaith Housing Initiative began eight years ago as Edmonton began this work with A Place to Call Home; the ten year plan. Continue reading “CRIHI’s Presentation to City Council Executive, September 5, 2017”