Edmonton Stats and Forms of Homelessness

What numbers are we working with currently on Homelessness?  Here’s a breakdown from Edmonton’s 2017 Plan update: These numbers from Edmonton’s 2017 Plan Update.  Full report and summary available in the links below: 2017 Edmonton’s Updated Plan Executive Summary June 2017 2017 Edmonton’s Updated Plan Full Report June 2017    

Ministry Profile: Islamic Family and Social Services Association

Here in Edmonton, numerous Islamic communities work together to respond to the needs experienced within the Muslim community and beyond.  How do they do that?  IFSSA! As with so many non-profit ventures, it all started when a few members of a community got together to help meet a need.  At the beginning that need becameContinue reading “Ministry Profile: Islamic Family and Social Services Association”

Keys to Engaging People Sleeping ‘Rough’

From visit to visit, outreach workers want to build a relationship with people living rough. Through building a relationship you get to know the people and what they require. A Place to Call Home: Edmonton’s Updated Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness lays out a variety of goals and action plans with the aim ofContinue reading “Keys to Engaging People Sleeping ‘Rough’”

Homeless & Wealth; from one Hindu Perspective

I quote a few passages below that may help you in understanding how the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and Karma links to homelessness and wealth.  The concept of Karma indicates that what one does, whether positive or negative, will impact us in our current lifetime or in our next lifetime. “The Goddess Lakshmi means good luckContinue reading “Homeless & Wealth; from one Hindu Perspective”

The Plan to end homelessness: Unpacking the first goal of the new update

We are eight years in on the ten-year plan.  “It’s time to look under the hood and see how we’re doing,” to use the words of Jay Freeman.  Certainly, we have some things to be happy about. The Housing First program has been very successful, and has given over 6,000 people a home, and inContinue reading “The Plan to end homelessness: Unpacking the first goal of the new update”