City updating Plan to End Homelessness

In 2009, the Edmonton Committee to End Homelessness released A Place to Call Home: Edmonton’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness. The report calls for a transition from managing homelessness to ending it, using housing and supports. The plan has five main goals, which are detailed below. Provide permanent housing options for all people living onContinue reading “City updating Plan to End Homelessness”

Why Scientologists Help!

      One can look around this world and find numerous examples of tragedies, poverty, war and losses. It is easy to become depressed about this and feel that all is in despair. We can put our attention on this and become hopeless or we can focus on the people that are tackling these problems to help;Continue reading “Why Scientologists Help!”

See Inside: Housing First!

We’re all familiar with door-to-door support programs like Meals on Wheels, providing food security to people with mobility challenges.  It turns out a similar approach is working for people coming off the street into housing.  Let me introduce you to Housing First! Housing First is a philosophy.  It is a philosophy that’s part of Edmonton’sContinue reading “See Inside: Housing First!”

If my kid can do it…

It all started with a request for sidewalk chalk. My family was walking the few blocks home after church one Sunday afternoon, when my four-year-old daughter asked my wife to have some sidewalk chalk from her purse.  She then proceeded to begin drawing arrows all down the sidewalk. After a while, we asked her aboutContinue reading “If my kid can do it…”