Edmonton’s Response in 2016: Hospitality

“Anyone coming down from Ft. Mac need a place to stay?  I have a bed and a pull-out couch at my house.  Call me!” Facebook posts like this were common in an outpouring of support for wildfire-devastated neighbours from the north.   The refugee crisis from Syria and other war-torn countries also prompted an opening of borders and an outpouring of care.  What wasContinue reading “Edmonton’s Response in 2016: Hospitality”

Beyond the Big White House

Jacob and Aafje Prins helped more than 800 Dutch newcomers settle in Canada and the hospitality of their big white Beverly house with lilac hedges became famous on both sides of the Atlantic. They were immigrants themselves who brought their eight children to Edmonton in 1927. Forever grateful to their new country, they worked tirelesslyContinue reading “Beyond the Big White House”