Riverbend & Terwillegar Talk Housing

On Saturday, October 29 from 1-4pm, CRIHI invited eight neighbourhoods in Riverbend & Terwillegar to a workshop and conversation called ‘Homes4ourNeighbours’ at Riverbend United Church. There were about 25 people in attendance, including 15 interested neighbours. This event provided good information on affordable housing, shared frontline stories and experiences, and then gave neighbours a safe place toContinue reading “Riverbend & Terwillegar Talk Housing”

The Good Neighbour

What is a good neighbour? These days, we tend to think of a good neighbour as someone who keeps their yard trim and tidy, their walks cleared, the noise down after ten, and their beer bottles on their side of the fence (not mine!). But is this really what a good neighbour looks like? PeopleContinue reading “The Good Neighbour”

I Need Help! Who Do I Call?

Whether this is you, someone you know, or a neighbour battling in the cold; here are a few key resources to help you get help. If this is an emergency, call 911! If you see someone in distress, and you are concerned their life may be threatened in any way, don’t mess around; call 911 Emergency to summon immediateContinue reading “I Need Help! Who Do I Call?”

Come Healing: a Prayer by Leonard Cohen

On Thursday, November 10, fans of this Canadian poet/singer/songwriter grieved the loss of a friend.  This prayer in song speaks into the grief and longing of so many of us. O gather up the brokenness / And bring it to me now / The fragrance of those promises you never dared to vow / The splintersContinue reading “Come Healing: a Prayer by Leonard Cohen”

Hospitality in Islam

A guest  (Muslim or non Muslim) enjoys a special place in Islam. In Islam all actions performed daily can be raised to the status of worship simply by doing them to seek the pleasure of God. Having a guest is an opportunity to earn God’s pleasure by showing moral excellence in how we treat ourContinue reading “Hospitality in Islam”