Building for a Healthy Conversation

For those of us trying to plan community meetings where we can discuss complex subjects, we regularly find ourselves scratching our heads at how to best do this.

Great conversations don’t usually just happen on their own.  Anyone who has tried to talk through something of significance will likely also be able to share with you a time a conversation went off the rails.  Things were said.  People were hurt, and relationships took a big hit!

It is one of the primary responsibilities of our Housing Ambassador to help local neighbourhoods learn how to plan a great conversation, and then practice running one in their neighbourhood.  To assist in that work, we are developing a Community Conversation Toolkit that we hope will be finished shortly.

But while we’re polishing that up, we’d like you to see some alternative models for conversation.  It will help give you some ideas as to how else you might be able to set the table for a good conversation in your neighbourhood; a conversation where everyone has a chance to be heard, where we have time and place to really discuss things of significance, and where we can together work towards the wisest and best decision.

Check out the following link on our website:  “Great Ways to Talk it Through”

To help you take one step further, here are some solid rules with a great track record of success for establishing a safe and patient space for neighbours to really hear each other.   (From ICA Associates)   Great conversations are totally doable.  Let’s learn how to do this together!

rules full version

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