Funding Proposal a Success

We were surprised and gratified by the overwhelming level of support that was expressed for our funding proposal at the plenary meeting on April 29. Developments since then include the following:

  • Funding has been secured from the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton, the City of Edmonton, and the Edmonton Community Foundation to support the Housing Coordinator and Housing Ambassador positions.
  • The Housing Coordinator position has been filled on a half-time interim basis by John Gee of the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton.
  • The Anglican Diocese also has agreed to act on an interim basis as host organization and funding steward.
  • A hiring process for the Housing Ambassador position has been started. We hope to have this position filled by the end of September.
  • The Rev. Don Koots and¬†Pastor Pam Reichenbach¬†have assumed responsibility as interim co-chairs of the Steering Committee.

We thank the Catholic Archdiocese, and in particular Bob McKeon and Suzanne Brohier, for their generous in-kind support of our efforts to date, and we ask for your patience as we make the transition to having our own paid staff.