Interfaith Housing Initiative kick-off for Habitat for Humanity March 20, 2014

On Thursday, March 20, 2014, representatives from 10 Edmonton faith communities assembled at noon at the site of Habitat’s largest build in Canadian history.  They were there to kick-off a three month build to be supported by 400 to 600 volunteers from their congregations.

The kick-off agenda was as follows:

  • Opening welcome by Armand Mercier (Director of Family Services).
  • Prayer by Audrey Brooks (Unitarian Chaplain at U of A).
  • Overview of the Interfaith Housing Initiative by Bob McKeon (Steering Committee Chair and Interfaith Coordinator) of the Capitol Region Interfaith Housing Initiative.
  • Summary by Fraser Williamson for Interfaith’s support of The 10 Year Plan to end Homelessness by supporting this build.
  • Address by Alan Perry (Executive Arch deacon for the Anglican Edmonton Diocese) of the Anglican’s support of the build and the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.

Lunch was provided by the Millwoods Sikh community and the Beth Shalom Synagogue Jewish community.

In the midst of crowded construction trailers and blowing snow there was a marvelous spirit of camaraderie and good cheer amongst these very diverse faiths.  They were all seeking ways to serve the marginalized in our community.  In this case it was to support the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness by engaging in this major project to provide affordable housing.

 The following Habitat personnel’s excellent support should be acknowledged and commended:

  • Angela Robichaud (Volunteer Manager).
  • Kim Manderson (Volunteer Resource Manager).
  • Kim Dedeugd (Volunteer Coordinator).
  • Kyle Keller (Communications Officer).